Kids Art 2 Canvas™

A little about me and my family, the real-life Artists behind Kids Art 2 Canvas™:

Did you draw as a child?  Me, absolutely.  I remember drawing a lot, but the pace really picked up in 3rd grade.  As is often the case, a terrific art teacher really inspired me.  She took the approach that there is no right or wrong way to create art, so all the students felt really comfortable–which was important to a shy kid like me.

She really focused on teaching us how to draw instead of expecting us to know how to do it already (or writing off the kids that didn’t come by it naturally).

With that encouragement, I was off to the races.  No other career path would really capture my heart and soul like the creative process involved in art-making.

Challenge, excitement…drama.

Of course, I was going to devote my LIFE to my art. Yes, certainly.  I would live alone, maybe the fast-paced art life of the city?  Or off in the romantic open air of the countryside?

I would stay single (after all, who could put up with such one-dimensional focus?)…never have children…just a passionate artist entirely, wholly, and completely devoted to her craft.

Or so I thought.

This is the part where I have to admit that life is one long process of eating one’s own words.

And so I introduce you to the true inspiration of KidsArt2Canvas™.

My seven greatest works of art and my wonderful husband:


WHEW! Can you believe it?!  What a shift, you say. I can’t deny it–when the nurses first put the  baby twins in my arms–one boy, one girl–and I definitely had a new career path.  I was hooked.  Completely sold. 100% meant for the job…M.O.M.

All of my children were born in the span of a decade.  One thing you should probably know about me up front.  On a scale of 1-10, I’m either a ZERO or an ELEVEN.

You could say I was on my “eleven” setting when it came to the mom career.  The Final Four were each born thirteen to fourteen months apart, so things were were a little, can we say, fast-paced?  Topsy-turvy, chaotic even?  Well, for a few years anyway.  But now the eldest are 15.

It’s even gotten quiet.  Maybe that’s stretching it.  But certainly time for a new baby.  A baby inspired from all 9 of us collectively.  A baby inspired from all the creative processes and experiences that I have ever known, ever lived, ever read about, ever aspired to become.

A new baby company.

Please welcome…


Kids Art 2 Canvas™ represents all the beliefs that I hold near and dear to my soul about the artist’s life.  Beginning with the belief that even a 2 year old can claim the career title, “Artist“, if they so desire.  I look back and realize that I was always an artist, and just because I’m also a mom doesn’t mean that I have to give up my title as Artist, either.

Kids Art 2 Canvas™ is my way of celebrating the artist in all of us.

At the bare minimum I hope this latest creation will make it easier for you to look at art through the eyes of a child.  With the same wonder, awe, and the complete innocence and delight that children so often bring to their drawings. Their visual stories. They are reflections on the new world around them.

Join me in playing.  Collaborating.  Inspiring your little ones to doodle, and maybe picking up a crayon or marker and you can start doodling, too.  They’ll take notice.  They’ll puff themselves up a little bigger when they notice you notice them creating great art.  Especially if you can make it BIG and Grown-Up.  Or collaborate with them.  Or paint their art on canvas.

Go ahead, take this idea and run with it!  Inspire those kids and join in the party, too!

So, to all my children and to all the Artists out there:  I started Kids Art 2 Canvas™ to make it easier to give your art a permanent place on the wall.

And as for my own children, I couldn’t help but ask their permission to experiment with their art a little more than just enlarging it and printing it as is on canvas…I wanted to see what would happen if I meshed their art with my own by extending their vision with my own paints and brushes.  The great discovery about this collaborative process is that the art not only brightens the room, but the child is so proud and inspired that he runs to sketchbooks and draws more!  Keeping our young kids engaged in drawing beyond the age of 8 really fuels the creative thought process in all aspects of their lives.

There is a lot to see here.  Shop around.  Or simply look around.  Get ideas.  Get inspired.  Sign up to follow the blog.  I’ll blog about all the crazy things we do in my family with art, and anything else inspiring to get us all going.  Use this resource as fuel to Spark Creativity….and then spread it!  Everywhere.

“I Love Pigs & Dogs”, By Katharine, Age 62010_03_10_11_14_33.pdf007I Love Pigs & Dogs, By Katharine, Age 6 PigsDogs_Room

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