About Jessica

JessStudentsJessica Breedlove is a professional artist, designer, entrepreneur and teacher with a specific focus on early childhood art education.   She has been a professional artist for the last twenty years with eighteen years experience teaching art to adults and children.

In 1996 Jessica started Immersion Studios, a private art studio offering classes and workshops in Madison, Wisconsin.  By 2002, Jessica Breedlove Designs, LLC was launched with a focus on art licensing. QS1010   In 2010, Jessica created large-scale paintings based on the original drawings of her seven children.   Jessica sees the painting of kid’s art as a way to chronicle and celebrate their unique voices and as a springboard for the child’s inherent creativity. Her recent innovation offers art as an expressive medium for children with chronic illnesses.  Through their work patients tell a part of their story, create works of important dimension and caregivers and loved ones alike glean inspiration and a new understanding of the child’s persona.  This concept evolved into her third company, Kids Art 2 Canvas, with the mission of sparking creativity, everywhere.

My Sweet Family, By Llenaj, Age 12As a result of this process, Jessica conceived, developed and successfully executed the artist-in-residence pilot program at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh that introduced a unique art experience to oncology patients.  The pilot was designed to spark and engage creativity in the patient and their families and caregivers by celebrating the contribution every individual can make through art. She designed custom instructional materials for each patient, including sketchbooks tailored to describing and simplifying the process. Collections of inspiration art were printed, laminated and brought bedside for each patient according to their specific interests. The process was painstakingly planned to help eliminate frustration that sometimes comes when learning to draw. The entire visit was intended to be meaningful and relevant in the short term, and by nature of the collaboration and printing of fine art on archival media, the artwork could be a celebration of the child and their vision for the long term. This entire experience not only made a positive impact on the child, but their families and caregivers as well.

Batiks011Jessica’s paintings and photo-realistic batik portraits are exhibited in galleries and private collections across the United States and her illustrations are licensed on products in the gift, textile and home decor markets.

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